One ad that often popped up in those old comic books was probably the X-ray vision glasses that promised to empower you with x-ray vision, like Superman. The truth is, X-ray vision glasses are not real and even it was real, you will need to a doctor or radiologist to actually know what you are seeing. They are not called x-ray for nothing. But that was then. Today one London-based startup is making x-ray vision a reality for everyone and the best part is, it will be in glorious 3D and color. So, you don’t need to be radiologist to know what you are seeing.

Called Curiscope, the outfit has created Virtuali-Tee, seemingly regular tee but with a specially designed print that, when paired with a companion app, lets you take a pee at the wearer’s organs. Well, it is not quite the wearer’s organs that you will be seeing; rather, it is a visualization of the body’s organs overlaid on a person. The whole idea is to make picking up biology more interesting as opposed to the mundane models kids have in their school’s labs. On the other hand, it is a clever fusion between augmented reality and fashion. Then again, it is just a tee, so there isn’t really any fashion to talk about, really.

The power lies within the app, which allows kids to get up close with human’s anatomy in fully animated 3D and even go in-depth into areas like the blood vessels by “teleporting” yourself inside the body. The app works perfectly well on your mobile or tablet, but for a more immersive experience, you will need to enlist the help of a VR headset. The team envision itself using technology “to inspire and to engage the next generation,” and its Virtuali-Tee is the first product to do so.

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The t-shirt is available for both adult and kid and cost £22 a pop while the app is free, but you will need the tee’s unique pattern to unlock the free app. The free app will be launched at the time of t-shirt shipment which, if goes as planned, will be sometime in August 2016. Take a look at the pitch video below to learn more.

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