Summer is here, and with it come daydreams of lavish vacations in beautiful places. Whether you’re looking to escape the heat in Europe or soak in the sun on a beach somewhere, we all love summer getaways. What we don’t love is having to foot the bill at the end of it. Traveling almost anywhere is expensive, but not all vacations are created equal; some places are more expensive to travel than others. Below are 7 of the most expensive places to travel on earth.


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Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a Scandinavian dream vacation. It features colorful buildings, stunning fjords, and amazing mountain views. Norway has one of the best qualities of life in the world, and nearly everyone there speaks fluent English.

But that old phrase “You get what you pay for” certainly applies to taking a trip to Norway. The wealth of the country has allowed them to develop a tourist industry that provides more amenities. Norway costs about 20 percent more to visit than the rest of Western Europe and 70 percent higher than the rest of the world.


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Dubai has gotten a lot of attention in the past few years for being one of the most luxurious cities on the planet. The city is funded by oil money, and it looks like something out of a futuristic Utopia. There is a beautiful desert oasis, a coastline, and all the glitz and glamor you could hope for.

And, of course, with the glitz comes the price hike. A lot of Dubai’s attractions are based around spending exorbitant amounts of money – shopping, day trips on yachts, helicopter rides. If you want to spend a night in Dubai’s finest hotel, that will run you a cool $20,000.


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Tuscany has become known across the globe as a rich center of Italian heritage and culture. The city’s history reaches back to pre-Roman times, and you can pay to stay in hotels that are converted Roman villas. The vineyards around Tuscany are legendary, and the surrounding area is everything you would hope the Italian countryside would be.

Tuscany may be a little off the beaten path in Italy, but it is no less expensive for it. Part of the cost is the food – with so many delectable things to eat, you won’t want to deny yourself the luxuries. But some of those Roman accommodations can also run you as much as $4,000 a week to stay in a converted barn.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora
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Bora Bora is a tiny island in French Polynesia, but it has made a huge name for itself. If you’ve ever seen a picture of huts clustered around docks stretching into brilliant blue waters, that’s Bora Bora. There are all the white sand beaches and breathtaking island views you could ever hope for.

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But the tourism industry in Bora Bora prides itself on luxury, and you’ll pay for it. You can expect to pay about $800 a night to stay on Bora Bora, and that’s at a minimum. Food is included in most resort packages, but travel isn’t, and those flights don’t come cheap.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are another tiny European-owned chain of islands with a steep price. Unlike Britain itself, the Virgin Islands have everything you would hope from a tropical vacation. There are amazing views, luxury villas, and private estates that you access from the interestingly named Beef Island.

You may have beef with the person who sets the resort prices after you see your bill from that vacation, though. In the off-season, you can expect to pay about $700 a night for a room with a view of the ocean. Luckily, the island offers yoga lessons so you can find some zen after you pay your credit card bill.


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Finishing off the trifecta of expensive island vacations, we have Fiji, a picturesque grouping of more than 300 islands. These islands are incredibly remote, and so much of the natural beauty remains undisturbed. If you are looking for somewhere to get away from the concrete jungle and enjoy nature, Fiji is your spot.

The downside of having such remote islands is that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get to them. Some of the smaller islands are privately owned by resort companies, and they know what their services are worth. Rates start at over $600 a night, so you should look at getting a loan by Captaincash to pay for that Jacuzzi after a day hiking through the rain forest.


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Ah, Paris, the jewel of France and the center of all our most romantic daydreams. Is there anywhere finer than Paris, with its cathedrals and cafes and art everywhere you look? Even the French language feels like a luxury, something you aspire to experience but know you’ll never really master.

Unfortunately, your dreams of Parisian evenings along the Seine will be brought sharply back to earth when you look at the dinner bill. You can stay in palaces-turned-hotels, but it’s going to cost you. One of the finer Parisian hotels runs a staggering $26,000 a night.

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Vacations are amazing, but paying for them is a struggle. Luckily, even with the most expensive places to travel, you can find ways to economize and get more for your money. Steer clear of the highest quality hotels, try to find coupons and discount prices, and take advantage of off-season price cuts.

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