We have seen our fair share of smartwatches and by now, I guess the only differentiating point competing models have is brand, or whether it loaded with diamonds or not. However, this smartwatch, called MPERSENS, from VEESAG is different. MPERSENS, which is the acronym for Mobile Personal Emergency Response System, works like most smartwatches, but it also serves as a remote monitoring device for the elderly and patients suffering from chronic diseases or age-related debilitating conditions, to enable them to live independently.

VEESAG MPERSENS Smartwatch for Health

This ain’t no Tony Stark stuff and so, it won’t magically turn out a walking aid out of the smart timepiece, but it does have technologies built into it that allows the device to be setup to remind the wearer of medication time, and even detecting a fall and pushing alert to preset family, friends or caregivers, or if the situation allows, user can choose to call for help in an emergency with a touch of the button. Built-in GPS offers precise location tracking so that the wearer’s caregiver or whoever knows exactly where he or she is. It (the GPS) can also be set to send out the current location at regular intervals and Geo Fence can be set to alert preset person if the wearer breach the boundary.

VEESAG MPERSENS Smartwatch for Health

Eight sensors are responsible for detect falls and pulling data like temperature, humidity, UV in the sunlight, heart rate and pulse, and the device can be paired with select ZigBee pro compatible devices to enable remote monitoring and threshold alerts can be set based on the data. The best part about MPERSENS is, it is cellular-enabled, which means it does not rely on wireless network and neither does it need to be paired to a smartphone for it to function in its entirety. It is really an independent smart wearable tech that could potentially improve the quality of life of the elderlies and patients. VEESAG MPERSENS Smartwatch for Health has gotten FCC approval and it is now available for pre-order on VEESAG website, priced at $249.99.

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Images: VEESAG.

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