Barnes & Noble’s last eReader, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is quite a mouthful as far as eReader names are concerned. however, with the latest iteration, Barnes & Nobles has decided to drop ‘Simple Touch’ and simply refer it to as Nook GlowLight, which goes on sale today for just $119 a pop. with the new Nook, the firm also decides to part with black hue and go with “warm-white” color that is said to “accentuate the display’s ultra-sharp, crisp text” so that you can focus more on reading and not on bezel, which by the way, is still pretty huge. speaking of which, you are probably not going to take fancy if you are a bezel person. in addition to an ergonomic form, it has a soft-touch finish for comfort holding and a new silicone trim around the device for extra protection in the event of an unfortunate tumble.

aesthetic aside, the new Nook also touts a new, brighter display boasting 62 percent more pixels and the firm’s highest resolution E-ink display (758 by 1,024), plus there is a selection of new handcrafted and fine-tuned fonts to take advantage of new crisper touch display, which also happens to be totally at home under the bright sun, thanks to the built-in anti-glare screen film. other features include a built-in rechargeable battery good for up to eight weeks of reading per charge, built-in WiFi (supports up to wireless n), 4GB of internal storage for up to 2,000 books, and last but not the least, a more evenly distributed GlowLight that is user adjustable at a touch. another look at the new Nook GlowLight after the break.

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Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight

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