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Sony 13-inch Digital Paper In White Looks Even More Like A Piece Of Paper

If you haven’t heard, Sony DPT-CP1 10-inch Digital Paper has a bigger brother, the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. It is basically the DPT-CP1, but larger for seeing and writing more. We have just received a note from Sony, announcing a new color option, white, for the Sony DPT-RP1 13-inch Digital Paper. The new, white 13-inch DPT-RP1 model is mere color change, which means it shares the same features as the current black model. Continue reading Sony 13-inch Digital Paper In White Looks Even More Like A Piece Of Paper

Meet Sony’s Newest Paperless Office Solution, The 10-inch Digital Paper

There is a lot of talk about plastics harming the environment, but papers aren’t doing our lovely Blue Marble any good either. While papers are generally recyclable, they are not truly sustainable. Due to the growing populations, humans simply get grow enough trees to cover what has been deforested. This is an area Sony aims to address with Sony DPT-CP1 10” Digital Paper. Now, Sony is not new to creating digital paper; it has been doing it since 2014. Continue reading Meet Sony’s Newest Paperless Office Solution, The 10-inch Digital Paper

Amazon Cuts Certified Refurbished Kindle Price, Now Going For $59.99

Kindle is not exactly an affordable gadget. That said, if the pricing has been a stumbling block to you owning one, then this should come as a good news. The online retail giant has slashed the price of its Certified Refurbished Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader. Originally with a list price of $74.99, the Kindle is going for just $59.99 while the $99.99 Kindle Paperwhite now is available for $74.99. Granted, they are not exactly, fresh-from-factory new, but they are Certified Refurbished units, which means they are tested and certified to look and work like new, by Amazon, of course. Details for these Certified Refurbished units are as follows: Continue reading Amazon Cuts Certified Refurbished Kindle Price, Now Going For $59.99

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Breaks Kindle Design Tradition

Is eReader still a thing? Of course, it is, or else Amazon won’t be pushing yet another new eReader like the Amazon Kindle Oasis, right? So, here it is the Kindle Oasis, a rather eccentric looking eReader from the online retail giant. So what’s new? First off, it has an unconventional off-center display and a profile that measures just 3.4mm for almost 2/3 of the device and a tapered bump that is 8.5mm at its thickest portion. Amazon said this bump will promote ease of grip, which kind of makes sense since a too thick profile is not exactly grippy, in a manner of speaking. Continue reading Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Breaks Kindle Design Tradition

Amazon Refreshes Fire HDX and Fire HD, Adds Kids Edition and Two Kindles

while the tech industry are still bathing in the sweetness of post iPhone 6 announcement, Amazon is assaulting the eReader and tablet markets with a handful of new stuff, including an all-new Fire HDX tablet, a Fire HD Kids Edition, two new Kindles, namely Voyage and Kindle with Touch, and a new version of the Fire OS, known as OS 4 “Sangria”. under normal circumstances, i.e. one without a major tech event like the iPhone 6 event, Amazon’s announcement would have been pretty huge, but alas, it was announced a week after iPhone 6 unveiling and when the heat is on for reviews, pre-order and the obligatory fanboys slugging out, which kind of drowns out the whole affair. anyways, if you are in the market for new tablets or eReader, read on to find out more. Continue reading Amazon Refreshes Fire HDX and Fire HD, Adds Kids Edition and Two Kindles

Sony Digital Paper

according to a published research from InfoTrends, local, state and federal offices used a yearly volume of 122 billion sheets of paper which amounts to roughly 400 sheets for every person in the U.S. and this is where Sony Digital Paper wants to take a stab at: by reducing the use of paper and in the process, increases productivity and streamline collaboration in paper-intensive environments. the Digital Paper is basically a big-ass eReader with added capability like enabling notes to be shared, writing fluidly and directly on the panel with the included stylus, as well as highlighting and erasing text. basically, the Digital Paper replicates what one can do when using traditional papers but with the benefits of easy access and search of documents and reducing physical storage needed required by traditional papers. Continue reading Sony Digital Paper

Onyx MIDIA InkPhone

we are all familiar with iPhone or at least aware of its existence, but have you heard of an ePhone? though not the official namesake, there is in fact such a device and it is one communication device that touts a dream two weeks of usage on a single charge – all thanks to the use of E-ink technology instead of the power-hungry colored LCD. the MIDIA InkPhone, as it is called, is from Chinese eReader maker who are apparently huge in Poland (to be honest, we have never heard of it) and it is a device that would be a perfect fit for those who craved for battery longevity or for folks who use their phone mainly for reading ebooks (who does that anyway?). Continue reading Onyx MIDIA InkPhone

Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight

Barnes & Noble’s last eReader, the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight is quite a mouthful as far as eReader names are concerned. however, with the latest iteration, Barnes & Nobles has decided to drop ‘Simple Touch’ and simply refer it to as Nook GlowLight, which goes on sale today for just $119 a pop. with the new Nook, the firm also decides to part with black hue and go with “warm-white” color that is said to “accentuate the display’s ultra-sharp, crisp text” so that you can focus more on reading and not on bezel, which by the way, is still pretty huge. speaking of which, you are probably not going to take fancy if you are a bezel person. in addition to an ergonomic form, it has a soft-touch finish for comfort holding and a new silicone trim around the device for extra protection in the event of an unfortunate tumble. Continue reading Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight

Sony at IFA 2013

IFA is perhaps the next biggest consumer electronics show in global scale outside of North America and needless to say, electronics makers will not pass on this golden opportunity to show off their shiny new gadgets during this prestigious event. this year’s IFA sees Japanese electronics giant Sony introducing some very drool-worthy products ranging from smartphone to imaging devices to home audio system. there are so many awesome products that we could have missed if we chose to feature them individually (though we have already highlighted some over the last few days), but we are not giving any a miss and so, we decided that it is only fitting that we list them out here so that you will be in the know. all of them are worthy products that no tech enthusiasts should look past. so without further adieu, hit the jump for the some Sony gadget galore aka Sony at IFA 2013. Continue reading Sony at IFA 2013

Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader

an eReader is just an eReader. unlike tablet, the OS behind the device is not quite the ‘thing’ that make them shines, but even so, the Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader managed to capture our attention. why? cos’ it has a Quick Charge feature which gives you the power to consume a 600-page novel with just 3 minutes of charging. wow. that’s like a dream come true for any tech enthusiasts (us, included) and we certainly hope such feature will eventually be a staple for regular smartphones someday. anyway, the Quick Charge is just part of the attraction, along with the usual sleek Sony styling. the pencil-thin Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader is touted as the only eReader that comes with its own protective snap cover that kind of adds a more book-like flair to the device – not essential, but nevertheless a nice to have feature – especially so for style-conscious eBook lovers. Continue reading Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader