Smart Fortwo converted into a tank complete with camouflage

Smart Fortwo Tank 544x368px
(credit: via LOL SNAPS)

what you see here is a Smart Fortwo converted into a tank complete with almost everything you can find on tank and finally finished with a cool camouflage paint job. i stumbled upon this while surfing the net and Google it for further information but as it turns out, this was blogged a few times over sometime third quarter of last year. nevertheless, i am sure there are those like me who missed it, so here it is: the Smart Fortwo tank, again.
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there are endless way to customize a car but to take a cute urban car and turned it into a tank is the first. i must say this car is looking pretty damn good. no further details of this car or should i say tank, except for this precious piece of image you see here. if you have any information, perhaps you would like drop us a note? we are more than please to update this post with more information. from the photo, we can see it has German license plate on and so it is safe to assume it might just be a road-worthy, working vehicle.


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