if a vehicle on odd number of wheels isn’t special enough in your books, then perhaps a three-wheeler dressed up in the famous racing livery – in this case, the Gulf Oil’s blue and orange colorways – could help in boosting that aspect of individualism or uniqueness; even more so when you are talking about only 100 of these commemorative Morgan Motor Three Wheeler Gulf Edition will ever be made. setting it apart from the ‘lesser’ Three Wheeler is, first and foremost, the dual color Gulf livery that’s every bit as iconic as every car these colors have been put on. of course, the British automaker doesn’t stop at just colors. this Gulf Edition also receives a blacked out details on several components including the engine, the headlamps, the roll hoops, the mud guards, the exhausts, as well as the exhaust heat shields. the black treatment continues on into the cockpit, engulfing its dashboard panels, leather upholstery, while a limited edition badge on embossed leather and contrasting orange stitching on the steering wheel wraps up this special edition’s interior. a couple of obvious treatment include black out mirrors accented with orange rim and orange wall tires that adds to the Gulf Edition’s character. the excellent news is, this vehicle can actually be acquired if you have £29,162.50 (plus VAT) to spare (roughly US$47,000). not everyone is lucky enough to have access to this three-wheel ride and that’s why we have a small gallery of higher-res images for us, the deprived, to ogle about. go on and check them out.

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