having a case on your iPhone is akin to wearing clothes – it protects whatever that’s underneath and therefore, not using a case puts your handset at risk but then again, it will most definitely not show the beauty of the phone like Apple has intended. the solution? the RADIUS Minimalist iPhone 5 Case by California-based Mod-3, a radical iPhone case unlike any other that we have seen thus far. it offers some form of protection, albeit minimal, without adding any bulk to your slim iPhone 5. if regular snap cases are apparels to iPhone, then the RADIUS would be thongs (get it?). instead of the usual full rim protection like the bumper case or a full back case common among regular cases, the RADIUS is totally uber-minimal and is crafted out from solid billets of aircraft-grade aluminum. the case consists of two elements (all of which are of the said aluminum): the corner modules that protects your phone’s corners against damage due to drops and a X frame that holds the pieces to together. bevelled like the iPhone 5’s diamond chamfered edges, the corner elements are connected to the X frame by stainless steel hex screws and are slightly raised so that you can place the phone face-down without risk of damaging the iPhone 5 beautiful Retina display. get yours for $69.99 and start showing off the beauty of your iPhone 5 with lesser risks.

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