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(credit: Simon & Me) S&M Woodpecker | €30.00 |

we have seen our fair share of interesting USB flash drives but this 4GB flash drive, dubbed the S&M Woodpecker, as created by Simon & Me captures our heart like no other flash drives. instead of taking the cute path, Simon & Me opt to go the woody way which resulted in a minimalist yet classy flash drive. apparently, Simon & Me’s designs are never produced for more than 250 times and the S&M Woodpecker here is no exception, thus making this cool USB flash drive a limited edition product.
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each memory stick is made of natural wood, and due to the nature of wooden texture, no two USB flash drives will be the same. the gorgeous looking wooden enclosure of this flash drive is engraved with Simon & Me branding which includes the melting snowflake logo and it comes packed in a classy black box too. in a world surrounded by the glittery, shiny gadgets, sometime it is a refreshing break to see some wood-clad gadgets. really. the S&M Woodpecker is available now on Simon & Me web store for €30 (about US$44) each.

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