there are growing number of connected home appliances, but one thing for sure, we like our toasters the way it is – if the toaster in question is The Best Two Slice Toaster (as usual, that’s the name bestowed on it by Hammacher). according to Hammacher, this sleek toaster can consistently turn out perfectly browned toaster than any model. at this point, we are assuming the folks have tested them, so we are going to go with their claim. unlike typical toasters which has a side-by-side setup, The Best Two Slice Toaster has a “series” arrangement and together with a generous seven browning settings, offers just the right browning you desire on both sides of the toast. it has a 9 1/2″ long slot for accommodating varied types of sliced bread and guides within to automatically center the bread in front of the heating elements.

other features include integrated cord storage, removable crumb tray for easy of cleaning, bagel heating, as well as defrost function for thawing frozen bread and toast pastries. wrapping up the package is, of course, a beautiful aluminum housing that is said to remain cool to touch, which is kind of an important feature to us cos’ we can’t recall how many times have we each gotten burnt by a hot toaster. you can get your The Best Two Slice Toaster for $99.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer with shipment on the August 30, 2013. take another look after the break.

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The Best Two Slice Toaster

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