While many artists are devoted to create hyperrealistic arts and drawings, one artist, Joshua Vides, goes the opposite direction. You see, Jason has the flair of turning what’s real into drawings, a theme which he calls reality to idea. Joshua caught the world’s attention when he turned his sneakers into a pair that looks like cutout of a drawing. He has also turn other a range of other objects and places into drawing that will make you feel like a scene straight out of Alice in Wonderland, or the particular scenes from Night in the Museum 3 (Twentieth Century Fox, 2014).

When you step into Joshua’s exhibit, I would think you will feel like you are in one of those children show with poor green screen effect. I think you know what I mean. The feeling should be hyper surreal. What Joshua has done so far is both impressive and surreal work of art, but it is this car that had my full attention. It is a real car, by the way. An Acura NSX in a wrap that pretty much turned it into a drawing of itself. Wait, what? The image there is a real car? Yep. It is as real as you and me. Just that it is wrapped in a drawing of itself all over.

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Everything, except for the wheels, are wrapped and that includes the windows which why it look so unreal. I mean to say, so real like an actual drawing. Obviously, it is not road-worthy with the wrap covering the windows, but it was driven though:

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In case you are wondering… no, you probably won’t be able to buy this rack in the market. Though it will be cool if we can have it on our rides too.

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Images: Joshua Vides.

via Jalopnik.

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