Do you kneel a lot? Like seriously a lot? Well, if you do, then your kneeling career is about to get a little less numb. Folks who kneel (a lot), meet the Anywhere Kneeling Chair.

Anywhere Kneeling Chair from IPPINKA

The Anywhere Kneeling Chair is essentially a foldable, portable chair designed to support you while you are kneeling. It features a spacious curved surface that provides ample real estate for your behind to rest on and prevents your butt from directly resting on your calves and heels.

With little to no weight on the calves and heels, it will prevent numbing of the feet. Brilliant! Since it is compact and fits right under your butt and between your fit, it is totally inconspicuous. Your fellow kneelers will be envious of how you can go on for hours without breaking a sweat.

Anywhere Kneeling Chair from IPPINKA

Even better is that it can be easily folded down when you are done with it, ready for the next kneeling destination. If you are discrete enough, you can swiftly collapse it and nobody will even notice you have just pulled off a kneeling cheat.

If it works as advertised, the Anywhere Kneeling Chair would be a godsend for kneelers. Of course, God does not actually send that. But you can buy one in exchange for your hard-earned money.

The Anywhere Kneeling Chair can be had from (US$21) or from the IPPINKA store on Amazon (US$20.50).

Anywhere Kneeling Chair from IPPINKA

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Images: IPPINKA.

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