When we think about coffee filters, we think (1) it is for a coffee machine and (2) it is made of paper. Well, none of those applies to the Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter. Firstly, it is not designed for use with any coffee maker and secondly, it is made of ceramic.

Sancera Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter from IPPINKA

I know right. I never knew ceramic could be a filter too. Apparently, Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter by Japanese outfit Sancera [JP] is made of porous ceramic that packs thousands of micro holes.

In case, anyone hasn’t gotten it, no, it is not a receptacle for a paper filter. It is the filter. The ceramic filter is said to enhance the taste and aroma of the coffee by removing the bitterness, “providing clarity in every brew.

Its use is not limited to coffee. It is said that it will also improve the taste of tea and alcohol, and filter out impurities from water.

Sancera Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter from IPPINKA

The ceramic filter is, of course, reusable which makes it more sustainable. The item is made in Japan and each filter comes with a holder.

As you should have already noticed, it is an eye-catching device too – thanks to its mountain-like design with shallow crevices and “cracks” on the “mountain slop”, and a white top that completes a snow-capped mountain appearance.

The Fuji Ceramic Coffee Filter can be had for US$53 from IPPINKA.com or from the IPPINKA store on Amazon (US$52.95).

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Images: IPPINKA.

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