Good lord. We just found a cake maker who have up the ante of the cake with pop-able pimples. Folks, meet Katherine Dey of Deviant Desserts. She is responsible for this larger than life-size Hercules beetle grub cake.

Beneath the form that would make most people squeamish is actually a strawberry lemon cake covered in vanilla meringue buttercream which does sound very appetizing. The cake, I mean. Not the actual Hercules beetle grub.

Deviant Desserts Hercules Beetle Grub Cake

Sadly, the legs aren’t edible as they are just fondant covered aluminum foil. Then again, in real life, I believe they don’t eat the legs either.

If you this larger than life-size Hercules beetle grub cake turns your stomach, well… you haven’t seen nothing yet. I promise you that this Hercules beetle grub cake is the tamest of all Katherine’s other work of art. Don’t believe? Just hit up Deviant Desserts Facebook or Instagram page and see it for yourself. Be warned, though, it is not for the faint of heart. I am not even kidding.

Images: Twitter (@DeviantCakes).

Source: Geekologie.

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