You know how some movies and video games depicted gun optics with a bunch of parameters? Well that, my friends, is no longer a fiction because, this tech is now found on the Meprolight Mepro Foresight.

Mepro Foresight is the first augmented red dot sight that projects real-time data such as bearing, battery, and level indicator, to the user’s field of view. Think of it as a head-up display of sort – in addition to the usual reticle.

Mepro Augmented Reality Red Dot Sight

Noticed we said “bearing”? Well, that’s because it has a compass built into it too. How cool is that? On top of that, the sight can store up to five pre-set tactical reticles which you can cycle through as you desire. Plus, an integrated light sensor automatically tweaks the reticle brightness (which you can also do it manually).

And then, there’s Bluetooth technology that connects the sight to your smartphone. Leveraging on the Meprolight app (available for both Android and iOS) which lets you select from the database of even more reticles. Fancy.

Mepro Augmented Reality Red Dot Sight

The app also serves to keep the sight updated with new features when they become available. Future features, btw, include shot counter and automatic zeroing (through Double Shot app).

Speaking of zeroing, the app also supports electronic zeroing and allows up to ten zeroing profiles for ten different rifles and uses to be stored. This allows the same sight to be used across several firearms.

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This is also where the quick release adapter comes into play.; it allows you to quickly switch the optic to another rifle in a matter of seconds. Finally, the Mepro Foresight is powered by a built-in rechargeable which can be topped via the USB-C port.

Meprolight Mepro Foresight can be had for $713.90. Not cheap as far as reflex sight goes. Then again, that is expected, isn’t it? Last checked, is selling it at a discounted price of $647.99.

Images: Meprolight.

Source: YouTube (TFB TV).

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