With summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to spruce up your style and start dressing more fashionably. At the moment, there are multiple different trends, all very popular in different circles. You don’t have to be part of the circles that advocate these styles to enjoy them, however. All you need is access to a mobile device and an internet connection so that you can order yourself new clothes!

This post will tell you about nine of the latest fashion trends, which should give you inspiration and influence your summer style:

Spruce Up Your Style With These 9 Fashion Trends
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Male Skirts

If you’re a man, then you might want to consider investing in a skirt. Traditionally skirts were only worn by women, but we live in a genderless and borderless society now, where anything goes. There are many types of skirts, including those that are created and designed for men. Some of the world’s most fashionable men have been photographed walking around wearing skirts. It’s definitely a statement for a man to wear a skirt, but if you wear it correctly, then it can look fantastic. If you don’t wear it well, however, then you are sure to get some strange looks.

Color Clashing

Color clashing is a trend that’s been in for quite a while now. You have probably already noticed this since the streets of most towns and cities are lined with young people wearing bright colors. The idea of color clashing is to combine two or more bold colors. If you aren’t confident that you can pull off color clashing, then try something a little more subtle. Instead of immediately wearing a yellow hoodie and a pair of blue shorts, wear brightly colored, unmatching socks. You could also add a pocket scarf or neckerchief to your outfit, that’s brightly colored and contrasts something else that you are wearing.

Ivy League

The so-called ‘Ivy style’ refers to the fashion of 1950s and ‘60s American Ivy League colleges. It is a style that’s immensely popular at the moment, especially in Japan, Korea, and China. It is also popular in western nations, although with a much older audience. Despite the look’s demographic being older men in North America and Europe, you can still pull it off. The downside to the Ivy style is that it can be very expensive to put an outfit together because it involves wearing high-end brands. With that said, the whole point of the Ivy style is to buy things and wear them forever, so many people look at buying Ivy clothes as an investment.


Preppy is a 1980s variation of the traditional Ivy style. It is a style that’s becoming more and more popular with young people in the west, more so than its traditional forbear. The preppy look consists of bright colors, navy blazers, pastel trousers, and tassel loafers. Tennis polos, rugby shirts, and general outdoor hiking wear also fit in well with the preppy look. The prep look suits everyone, regardless of age or gender.


The urban look is one that has dominated youth culture for at least three decades now. It involves wearing skinny jeans and tracksuits, bright colors and patterns, chunky sneakers and boots, bandanas, puffer coats, and lots of designer brands. You don’t have to shell out a fortune to purchase designer brands, though, because you can buy them second-hand, or alternatively, you can pick them up during the sale season. The downside to this particular style is that it tends to age poorly. Trends come and go, whereas, in the preppy and Ivy aesthetics, trends stay largely the same.

Spruce Up Your Style With These 9 Fashion Trends
Photo credit: Unsplash (Alyssa Strohmann).

Vintage Designer

Following on from something mentioned in the previous section, if you are looking for clothes, then why not buy vintage designer? While it’s very common for people who dress according to the urban style to wear vintage designers, many would argue that vintage designer is a style all of its own. Vintage design can be a lot of fun. In particular, leather jackets are very popular. The world’s becoming more concerned with sustainability, so wearing vintage clothes is a great way to show that you care about the environment and that you don’t want to contribute to clothing landfills and the mass production of clothing.


Many would argue that the ‘outerwear’ style is a subcategory of the urban style, though some people would disagree. Wearing outerwear (like sports and hiking gear) doesn’t necessarily have to conform to the urban style unless you want it to. Outerwear can look great if you pull it off well. Going back to the point made previously, if you can then try to buy vintage outerwear. Vintage outerwear is very popular, with Patagonia being especially good because the brand is well known for repurposing and recycling its old clothes. In circles concerned with the environment, Patagonia ranks as number one.

Souk Chic

The souk chic look is a louche style, dating back to the 1960s. It was the favorite of people like Christopher Gibbs and the Rolling Stones. The souk chic look is essentially just the wearing of traditional Moroccan and North African garments outdoors, combined with traditional western clothes. You could wear a djellaba with a pair of sneakers, for example. If you are going to try this style out, then it’s a good idea to do your research first and even visit the nations whose clothes you are going to be wearing, so you can pick up authentic ones.


The prepper look is very different from the preppie look, so don’t get them confused. The prepper look is a style where military-style clothing is embraced. Again, the prepper look sometimes gets confused with the urban style. Many people find that wearing military-style clothes (like BDUs) is a lot more comfortable and help them to move around more freely. If you do a lot of outdoor work but want to dress stylishly despite your work, then the prepper look is definitely something that you’ll want to consider.

Dressing fashionably can be hard if you aren’t naturally inclined toward materialism and aesthetics. With this post’s guidance, it has never been easier. Make sure to give each look consideration, and even go to a local store and try on clothes that adhere to that aesthetic before making a decision about what to wear.

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