If you haven’t already heard, adidas and Gucci have teamed up for a collection of luxury fashion house-imbued sportswear and gears. The adidas x Gucci collection was officially launched a few days ago and it is one hell of a collection to own – thanks to the nostalgic compendium of archival influences and vivid colors across the collection.

adidas x Gucci Collection

In other words, the adidas x Gucci collection screams “retro!” without restraint. Scrolling the collection of around 32 pieces, is akin to hopping into a time machine and unleashing a gust of retro warm that brought about memories like Studio 54, Bee Gees’ Staying Alive, and ermmm, Stranger Things, maybe? Okay. Maybe not Stranger Things. But you get the idea.

The collection offers a luxury take on adidas tracksuits, tops, jackets, footwear, and more. The official description of the collection:

“Pulling inspiration from decades past, Alessandro Michele’s, creative director of Gucci, recontextualizing of sports is both nostalgia-driven and contemporary.”

adidas x Gucci Collection

I have no doubt about that and like I said, it is an alluring collection. The only thing that is stopping me is the price tags. Prices of the adidas x Gucci Collection start at US$235 for adidas x Gucci Ankle Socks and can run up to as much as US$2,980 for the adidas x Gucci Reversible Jacket, or the adidas x Gucci Acetate Jacket. Yikes.

Depending on the country you reside in, the adidas x Gucci Collection may be available only through adidas CONFIRMED app (Android and iOS).

adidas x Gucci Collection
adidas x Gucci Collection
adidas x Gucci Collection

Images: adidas.

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