You know what they say about fighting fire with fire? Well, if there’s an alien invasion, you gotta zap those alien intruders with the aliens’ own blaster. While there are probably no intruders any time soon, you can be prepared by honing your skill of zapping alien intruders with the video game Martian Panic on Nintendo Switch.

That’s right, my friends, the popular Wii title is now republished for Switch, and even better is that there is an Alien Blaster to take your Martian-zapping experience to the next level. And it is not just any blaster; it is one style after a classic Raygun. Sweet.

Here’s what the game and the blaster are about:

Martian Panic throws you into action in eight thrilling levels across the world, from the Great Pyramids to your local drive-in theater, defending innocent humans from the interplanetary scourge with nearly a dozen out-of-this-world weapons and the Alien Blaster’s pinpoint accuracy… Each stage comes to life through a cluster of mini-cutscenes that chronicle the tale of the alien invasion, and the Alien Blaster adds its own bleeps and blasts for an even more immersive experience.”

Martian Panic Alien Blaster for Nintendo Switch

The Funbox Media’s Martian Panic Alien Blaster for Nintendo Switch is not just good for blasting cow-stealing Martians in Martian Panic; it is perfect for all Switch Shooter Games.

However, it is not clear if it could be used against little green men landing in your backyard. Probably not. Perhaps the built-in light and sound effects could scare the goop of them? Maybe? But it’s OK if it does nothing to real invading aliens because this ain’t no 1938 New Jersey.

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As for availability, the distribution for this video game and the blaster is a little unclear. We managed to find a copy of the game on Amazon UK and Amazon US for £24.99 and US$39.99, respectively.

Martian Panic Alien Blaster for Nintendo Switch

But the Alien Blaster that supposedly should be available now is not available in both countries and yet, the bundle, which supposedly should arrive in December, is listed on Amazon UK for just £28.99 (while listing in the US is marked as “currently available”).

We do not know what gives because the GS2 Games website isn’t helping, and neither is Funbox Media’s. But UK residents are able to score a copy of the Martian Panic for Switch on Funbox Media for lesser, at £20.83. Then again, I am not sure I can trust a website that has the listing marked as “PRE-ORDER I OUT 30/09/22”. Now I am even more baffled. 

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Images: GS2 Games/Funbox Media.

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