While we are on the topic of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, we would like to direct your attention to an awesome thing that was born out of the existence of this film (and Chris Pratt).

Chris Pratt Super Mario Remake Video Game

A Canada-based digital artist known by his (or her?) YouTube channel Re-Imagined Games is the process of creating a Realistic Super Mario Remake video game with Chris Pratt as Mario.

That’s right, my friends. This ambitious person with no background in game development whatsoever has put Chris in the game and mind you, the Chris “Mario” Pratt here is not the plumb, cutesy Italian plumber. He is a full-grown man with the photorealistic likeness of Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt Super Mario Remake Video Game

So far, Re-Imagined Games have created 3 levels and yes, it is a real, playable video game. The two levels are the 3D side scroller and the third (1-3) you’d be experiencing the first real 3D platforming gameplay.

Expect to find all the elements of a Super Mario Bros. game, including the threats from Goombas, Koopas, power-ups, and of course, head-butting the brick/question blocks to collect coins and more power-ups.

Chris Pratt Super Mario Remake Video Game

You can have a look at the gameplay as well as the EPIC game trailer in the videos embedded below.

Images: YouTube (Re-Imagined Games).

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