if you are an elk hunter who often spend weeks on ends stalking the Cervidae species, or simply a person who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, then you probably need the ultimate in outdoor ‘accommodation’ like this Canvas Wall Tent by Ball and Buck. the Boston-based establishment looked to the best tent maker they can find (not surprisingly, a seasoned elk hunting outfitter) to create this five-star tent for the great outdoor. perfect for anything from two to four persons, this 12 x 15 feet tent is crafted from premium Sunforger Marine Boatshrunk Canvas (an obvious choice if you want it to stand up to the weather for weeks) and boast features like full front door screen with industrial strength brass zippered entry, a pair of zippered and screened windows, and stove jack (we couldn’t stress more how important this is).

Canvas Wall Tent by Ball and Buck

other notable details include triangulated reinforcements at critical stress points, double stitched body seams, double stitched 4-inch eaves with stainless steel D rings, storm flap and buckle system, heavy-duty 14 oz non-rotting sod cloth, 3,500-lb web stake loops, high wind reinforcement, and heavy-duty steel internal frame with pole and angle bags and finally, a spacious interior real estate enough to pack in a full camp of gear and do whatever you and your team fancy. just remember to pack in your own stove, though, and perhaps a table, and some field chairs and beds. the Canvas Wall Tent comes standard with an oversized zippered tent bag and most importantly, it is made right in the good’ol US of A, in Camas, Washington. also, as with any Ball and Buck products, you can be assured that you will be getting the highest quality workmanship. the Canvas Wall Tent is available now from Ball and Buck for $2,198. pricey no doubt, but as a person who spends extended time in the wilderness, i am sure you know what’s the worth.

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Canvas Wall Tent by Ball and Buck

Canvas Wall Tent by Ball and Buck

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