How To Build Your First Hunting Kit?

Hunting for sports. It is a controversial topic. However, if you are not a vegetarian and you eat what you hunt, I guess all’s good. Right? If you are on the same page as us, then lets get on today’s topic: how to build your first hunting kit. Truth be told. This topic covers a […]

Meet Lancehead F1, A Limb-less Hunting-Grade Crossbow Packed With Innovations

The mention of crossbow, immediately conjures up the image of a bow-like contraption on a rifle-like frame. It is not clear when the term ‘crossbow’ was coined, but it is cleared the name represents the form of the weapon, i.e. a bow cross onto (something). However, the ‘bow’ thingy on a crossbow is not called […]

Pocket Shot Adds Camo Edition And Whisker Biscuit Cap For Archery

Things change as human progresses. With that said, do you think slingshot will remain the Y-shape form you are familiar with as we move into the future? Probably, but it is likely to be more advanced like laser-equipped example we have seen previously, or we would be using a whole new type of slingshot like […]

Chanel Is Selling $2K Boomerang. Is Fashion Apocalypse Upon Us?

Seriously. Can someone point out what’s wrong with the creativity industry? In particular, the fashion design industry? Because I don’t get where the designers have gotten the creativity juice, or the lack thereof, from. First, consumers were hit up with clear knee jeans, followed by a pair of completely clear jeans. And oh, let’s not […]

Slingshot With Laser Aiming Is Cool, But Try Not To Knock The Laser Out

I have an idea for a better aim with slingshot. Mind you. When we talked about slingshot, we are not talking about the Y-shaped contraption fashioned out of a branch of a tree. Definitely not those used by Dennis the Menace, or Bart Simpson. We are talking about metal projectile shooting contraption worthy of a […]

Crosbow Pioneer Airbow: Silent Big Game Air-powered Arrow Gun

Hunting is a controversial subject, but that’s not going to stop us from featuring this new, super cool air-powered bow called Crosbow Pioneer Airbow. Billed as the “all-new category of big game weapon,” Crosbow Pioneer Airbow is based on Benjamin’s PCP platform and uses 3,000 PSI of compressed air to propel the accompanied nano ceramic […]

TrackingPoint ShotGlass Shooting Glasses is Like the ‘Google Glass’ of Hunting and Shooting

When we first read about how Texas-based TrackingPoint was exploring the use of Google Glass with the outfit’s Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) system few months ago, it didn’t occur to us that the company will actually create its very ‘Google Glass’ dedicated for hunting and shooting, but it did, which is a good thing because […]

Canvas Wall Tent Lets Up to Four Person Brave the Elements in Maximum Comfort and Convenience

if you are an elk hunter who often spend weeks on ends stalking the Cervidae species, or simply a person who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, then you probably need the ultimate in outdoor ‘accommodation’ like this Canvas Wall Tent by Ball and Buck. the Boston-based establishment looked to […]

You Won’t Want To Drop This Action Cam While In The Woods

these days we are not content with enjoying our hobbies; we want to capture them so we can relive those awesome moments and sharing them with those we care at a latter time. while action cam are a dime a dozen in the market, not many can say that they are geared towards hunting and […]

FLIR Thermal Imaging for iPhone [Update]

what else an iPhone is not capable these days? with the right hardware and software, this communication device can be transformed into virtually anything from a weather station to satellite phone to point-of-sale system, and now, you can add thermal imaging to the list. this yet to be named add-on accessory for iPhone was developed […]