It was four years between the first The Matrix movie and its two sequels. We thought it was a long enough wait for a sequel. Back in 2003, I wouldn’t have thought there would be another The Matrix movie after The Matrix Revolutions and that it would be another 18 years before it will hit the theaters. So, yeah, the 4th The Matrix movie is upon us after much talk about it since 2019.

Warner Bros The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer 1
Note: not John Wick.

It will be a movie event of the year and one that many fans have high hopes for. Though, really, I can’t see myself being as excited as I was in 2003 for the sequels which I even splurged on IMAX for Revolutions. Anywho, the fourth Matrix flick, The Matrix Resurrections, is almost here, and here’s the first official trailer to let you in on what is to come.

Warner Bros The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer 1

There is also a new website set up for the movie. On this website, you are given a choice of red or blue pills to click on before getting sent off to different pages. But there’s really not a lot to it. Oh, what the hell. Let me just spoil it for you. It will just ask you to watch the full trailer, either way. There. I said it. Now, skip ahead for the trailer.

Images: YouTube (Warner Bros. Pictures).

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