video: Nissan humorous spot: What if Everything Ran on Gas?

Nissan Leaf 60-second TV Spot 544x308px
(image credit: screenshot What if everything Ran on Gas video)

it will kill me if i don’t share this video with the rest of the world. Nissan popped the question: “what if everything ran on gas?” from the title, you know you are going be treated with spot that is going to put forward the message in a humorous way. i had a good laugh and i am sure you will too. its entertaining and yeah, Nissan, i got the message loud and clear but i am still worry about the range with electrics. four 15-second teasers will start be airing this week, while the 60-second spot will make its world television debut during the NBA’s The Finals on June 12 but you don’t need to wait until then to watch it. hit the jump and join us for this wonderfully humorous spot.
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