Colorware introduces a trio of Beats by Dre headphones

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(image credit: ColorWare) Colorware Beats by Dre Headphones | from US$399.00 |

these Beats by Dre headphones with customizable hues are going to put a smile on any Beats fans. new from Colorware is a trio of Beats by Dre headphones that ranges from Solo HD to Studio to Pro series. as usual, buyers has the liberty to custom what color goes to which part of the headphones. customizable parts include headband, brackets, logos et cetera. i suspect Beats by Dre has a huge following, after all it is not just quality sound that we are want these days.
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in today’s context, style is no longer an option – it is a must. hence, there’s no better way to shout out louder than colors. prices start from $399 for the Solo HD, $499 for Studio, while the Pro will set you back at $700. with the exception of the Pro series, you can choose to send in your own Beats by Dre cans to be customized. this of course, will save you some dough.

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