iLP Turntable Conversion System

iLP Turntable Conversion System
(photos: ION Audio) iLP Turntable Conversion System | US$tba |

still holding on to your stockpile of oldies on the good’ole vinyl records? good for you, however, while we appreciate the art and beauty associated with vinyls, we think it is time to move on and start converting them into digital copies for your on-the-go listening pleasure. the physical thing can stay right at home, in your attic or basement or wherever but for practical reason, digital copies would make a better traveling companion (together with your modern day digital music player, of course). if you insist on using a portable turntable, we are fine by that but we would rather travel light and chose not be bogged down by the extra weight (and size). come on, how much does a iPod nano weighs these days? practically nothing. plus, surely, you won’t want a black plastic disc protruding from your bag or worst, risk breaking those rare records of yours. having rant about it, here’s the gadget that will let you do that conversion with quite a lot of style: the iLP Turntable Conversion System for iDevices. it features conversion from the traditional vinyl directly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod using the included EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter app without the need for intermediaries like a computer. of course, you could always choose to rip your vinyl to the computer via USB connection using the desktop version of the EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter. a set of RCA outputs let you hook up this sleek piano black turnable with your home stereo in case you feel like dabbing in some nostalgic mood. like the good old 80s turntable, it comes with hinged cover to protect the delicate turntable and keeping the dust out.

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ION Audio via Rolling Stone

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