(photos: HOHRIZONTAL 51) HOHRIZONTAL 51 SOUNDBOARD | £599.00 | www.hohrizontal-51.de

we love sound dock but if its going to ruin our lovely interior decor, then it is uncool to us. however, if the sound dock that we speak off happens to be an integrated part of your furniture, such as a shelf like this strangely named HOHRIZONTAL 51 SOUNDBOARD, then we are talking style. the name itself does not readily let you in that it is actually a minimalist wall shelf integrated with a dock for your iPod or iPhone and packed with built-in sound system. features include a shelving space with a load capacity of up to 25 kg (55 pounds), charging function for your iDevices, remote control, 2 x 50w of amplified power with overload protection, line-in and USB audio, and composite video out for hooking with your computer or TV. what can i say? a speaker system that has more sound and less distraction, and it is totally functional as a furniture. available in a choice of color options, including Walnut, White, Red, Mallow, Black and Anthracite, this minimalistic shelf-sound dock hybrid will set you back at £599 each or around US$949. hit the jump for a few more images of the HOHRIZONTAL 51 SOUNDBOARD.

HOHRIZONTAL 51 via The Fancy

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