and we thought wireless in-ear headphones can never be realized, but here it is, the world’s first smart wireless headphones, The Dash Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones, is ready to get in the hands of those who are willing to drop a few hundred bucks for a pair. not only did Munich-based Bragi, the maker of The Dash, made wireless in-ear audio buds a reality (in size of regular earbuds, of course), but it also managed to pack it to the brim with features like an embedded 4GB (good for up to 1,000 music files) music player and a fitness tracker that keeps tab on your movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance, measures your heart rate and more. the device will provide audible feedback even without being tethered to the smartphone.

the The Dash Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones does all that, along with the core duty of providing wireless music enjoyment via Bluetooth connectivity, as well as for taking/answering calls through an embedded custom ear bone MEMS microphone. the audio earbuds (which looks rather Tron-ish, in my opinion) provides noise isolation like most in-ear headphones do, but with a simple swipe on the earbuds’ surface, you can enable or disable ambient sound to pass through. the buds are juiced by 100 mAh lithium polymer battery, offering up to 4 hours of music playback (3 hours, if it does the tracking as well) and up to 250 hours of standby time, and it is of course, shock resistant and waterproof up to 1m of water. sounds exciting? it certainly is and the product’s popularity on Kickstarter is a solid testimony of this.

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The Dash’s campaign on Kickstarter quickly raced past the 100K mark in just 24 hours and at the time of this writing, it has already garnered support from over 1,600 backers with nearly $330K in funding. which brings us to the good news: by backing this project up, you are essentially pre-ordering it with expected delivery to be in November 2014. the early bird special is gone, but you can still get at $199, which is a good 100 bucks off the eventual retail sticker. more look after the break.

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