the trend of iPhone accessories, or any product accessories for that matter, is that if you have wood-clad products, they are going to cost an arm or a leg, but not in the case of the Woody Hybrid iPhone Case by Rocketcases, where you can have the beauty and goodness that comes with natural wood for less than 30 bucks – which is about the same price you would have paid for upmarket plastic items. the Woody Hybrid iPhone Case, as the product name implies, is a wood case and in this instance, the wood in question is of 100% real dark walnut wood and it is so named hybrid because it does not rely on just wood to protect your precious handsets – it has a matte polymer rubber sides for enhancing the case shock absorption quality (lets face it: wood itself is not the best shock absorber, are they?).

this wood and plastic combo not only lends the case with the aforementioned practical functionality, but it also result in an attractive and unique accessory. since it is of walnut wood, each unit will sport a completely different grain, which means no two cases will be alike and needless to say, a boon for those who are after a subtle touch of individualism. according to Rocketcases, the Woody Hybrid iPhone case “is higher quality, tougher and lighter weight than other cases with less bulk,” and adds a mere 2mm of thickness to your iPhone 5 and 5s, and of course, with the case on, you will still have complete access to all ports and buttons of the handset. so if you are in the market for an elegant case with a natural feel, the Woody Hybrid iPhone Case by Rocketcases might just be it.

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Woody Hybrid iPhone Case by Rocketcases

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