Beats’ True Wireless Powerbeats Pro Arrives In May For $250

You heard it is coming and now here it is. Apple-owned Beats’ first true wireless earphones, Beats Powerbeats Pro, is finally here. Beats Powerbeats Pro is essentially the Beats Powerbeats but without the cord in-between the two earpieces and hence, making it a true wireless earbuds. However, unlike the many true wireless earbuds out there, […]

Apple Announced Mickey Edition Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

It has been while since we last talked about Beats. We didn’t think any that came up along the way was worthy after the one that has Apple’s W1 chip. Anyways, here’s one that is a wee bit interesting: Mickey Mouse edition Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones because, Mickey Mouse. The iconic cartoon mouse and the […]

Here’s The New Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones With Apple’s W1 Chip

It seems like forever since we last mention about Beats and that usually means there weren’t any major updates since. That changes earlier this month when Apple-owned Beats revealed the Studio headphones. The Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Wireless Headphones, as it is called, now flaunts a more advanced noise cancellation, a redesigned innards, a longer […]

Volkswagen Up The Audio Ante of Up! With 300 Watts BeatsAudio

How do you sell a car that isn’t made for speed? Style, of course, and in the case of Volkswagen Up! for the year 2016, audio prowess is one way to go. The German automaker has joined hands with audio industry biggie, BeatsAudio to put iconic Beats sound into this tiny hatch. What? Up’s too […]

Beats’ First Speaker Since Apple Acquisition Charges with Lightning Cable, Lands in November for $230

When Apple acquired Beats, everyone was anticipating some beefing up in the design department. Well, not that Beats is shoddy in that aspect; we just want to see how the headphones, which are kind of the staple of Beats, turn out when touched by Jonathan Ive-lead team. We still don’t get to see it, but […]

Beats Adds iPhone Shades to Solo2 Wireless Headphones, Still Cost $300

Now that Apple owns style-heavy headphone company, Beats by Dre, it is only fitting that Beats have audio gears in line with the tech giant’s product branding, well, at least in the color aspect anyways. So, not surprisingly, it has added three new colorways to its Solo2 wireless headphones, which was first introduced in November […]

Beats Solo2 Goes Wireless, Offers 12H of Wireless Freedom with Fuel Gauge

Fans of Beats who have been lamenting about the lack of on-ear wireless audio cans can now rejoice, because the Solo has gone wireless. Simply dubbed Solo2 (or more correctly Solo2) Wireless, the new wire-free Solo looks like a shrunken down Studio, which means it is quite a looker and looks more sophisticated, if I […]

Beats Gifts Winning German Soccer Team 24-Carat Gold Beats Pro Headphones

have you heard? Beats is giving away 24 sets of Beats Pro audio cans to the victorious German soccer team and those are not just any Beats Pro we are talking about; they are 24-carat gold dipped Beats Pro headphones. but why 24? well, 23 will go to the folks who actually do the work […]

Beats Introduces Its First Wireless Earphones, The Powerbeats2 Wireless

Beats fans who long for a wireless solution when working out without having cups on or over their ears can look forward to the second generation Powerbeats, simply dubbed Powerbeats2 Wireless. designed for active lifestyle users, you can expect the obligatory sweat and water resistant properties (IPX4 rating, if you really must know) on top […]

This Beats Headphones Come With Cast Marble Pillow For It To Rest

if have an affinity for concrete objects, then we are guessing you must have long wished for a concrete audio cans. if so, we have bad and good news for you. first, concrete headphones is an impossibility. it is heavy and never would have made it to your head and that’s the bad news. however, […]