If you are in the market for a pair of premium noise-canceling audio cans and money is no object, then you may be interested in the new Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones. The obvious boon with this pair of cans, or any Beats product of recent years is, it is the only Apple-owned brand that is designed to work flawlessly with Apple and Android devices.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

The new Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones benefit from Beats’ custom acoustic platform, featuring a custom 40 mm active driver that promises sound clarity and near-zero distortion even at high – an improvement of up to 80% compared to the Beats Studio3 Wireless which result in audio fidelity.

Moreover, the driver is further bolstered by an integrated digital processor which optimizes the frequency responses for “a powerful, balanced sound profile.” And then there’s, of course, the fully adaptive Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) for music immersion without the distraction as well as Transparency mode for times when you need to be aware of the world around you.

It also features personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking for a theater-like sound of your favorite content. Music and movies that are available in Dolby Atmos deliver full immersion with 360-degree surround sound.

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Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

It has three physical buttons for controls, including the “b” button for music and call controls, a volume up/down rocker, and a multi-function button for listening modes, EQ modes, power, and pairing.

Other key highlights include industry-leading Class 1 wireless Bluetooth with extended range and fewer dropouts, UltraPlush engineered leather cushions, premium metal sliders with a wide range of adjustment, one-touch pairing with Apple devices, support Siri voice assistant, Apple Find My feature, over-the-air updates, support Google Fast Pair, support Google Find My Device, and seamless audio switch between Android, Chromebook, and other compatible devices.

The Beats Studio Pro offers up to 40 hours of listening time with ANC off (up to 24 with ANC or Transparency mode), and it supports Fast Fuel that yields up to 4 hours of playback with a 10-minute charge when the battery is low.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Wireless audio, to some, is hardly considered ‘audiophile’ but thankfully, this pair of cans will let you enjoy Lossless Audio via USB-C. You can also use the cans wired using the 3.5 analog input wired audio sources and in-flight entertainment.

The new Beats Studio Pro can be had in a choice of colors for US$349.99.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones
Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Images: Beats.

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