Something happened last week that deserved awarded an Internet gold. Netflix was called upon to cancel Good Omens, a religious-themed series, by a petition signed by 20,000 people. It seems like nothing out of the ordinary. People cry foul every time. The problem is, Good Omens is not on Netflix, let alone a Netflix programming. It belongs to Amazon Prime.

What happen next is what we could only described as hilarity. Netflix UK & Ireland responded to a report by The Guardian with regard to this call for cancel of Good Omen, via Twitter, promising “not to make any more (Good Omens). And then, Amazon Prime Video US responded too. It reached out to Netflix, also via Twitter, saying they will “cancel Stranger Things if” Netflix “cancel Good Omens.

Apparently, the petition was started by “Return to Order, a Christian group that is not stranger in opposing things that they thought is not in good faith of, well, their faith. It does really make for a good laugh, especially when the two parties involved responded. One thing we learned from this is, there are at least 20,000 person in this who are clueless about what’s going with pop culture. OK. I correct my stand. This isn’t an Internet gold; it is the new comedy gold.

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Image: Amazon/Netflix.

Source: comicbook.

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