It is purely coincidence that we are featuring yet another home cleaning equipment straight after a cordless vacuum. I swear. On a serious note, this broom, called VaBroom, is too good to give it a pass or deserve any further delay in mentioning. VaBroom could very well be a product you see on late night infomercial TV that you feel like it kind of look and sound ridiculous, but it is at the same time practical enough to make you want to buy one?

VaBroom Broom With Vacuum Function

It is designed for those who felt that picking up a vacuum is too much a hassle and prefer to good’ol broom. Believe me, sometimes I do feel vacuum is too much of a hassle too, especially when you just need a quick clean. But what really bothers me is the “art” of getting every single dust and debris onto a dustpan. It is no easy task. But this is exactly an area VaBroom excels.

It combines the convenience of a broom and the thorough clean of a vacuum cleaner by integrating a vacuum right in the broom, so that you’d never have to deal with a dustpan. In other words, VaBroom is the broom and dustpan of the 21st century. It may seem low-tech compared to today’s advanced cordless vacuum, but in reality, it is a pretty ingenious hybrid home appliance.

VaBroom Broom With Vacuum Function

If you ever sweep with a broom and dustpan, you will appreciate the product’s intention. I’d even say it could be one of the most important home cleaning equipment invention in this century. The best part is, it runs off a four double AA batteries, so you won’t worry about charging.

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If you down to give VaBroom a go, you can pre-order it on Indiegogo InDemand for $44. It is possibly the most expensive broom you will ever buy and also the cheapest vacuum cleaner you ever buy too. Keep going to find a product promo video.

All images courtesy of Enhance Product Development/VaBroom.

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