Knife collectors may want to check out this new pocket knife from WESN Goods – the same folks who brought to you the super cool and adorable WESN Titanium Micro Blade Knife and the WESN Titanium Micro Blade.

WESN The Henry Pocket Knife

Called WESN The Henry, it is a titanium non-locking slip-joint pocket knife featuring a Sweden-sourced 2.35-inch Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade, paired to a 3-inch handle with grade 5 titanium scales and Cherrywood inlays, or just titanium in the case of the WESN Henry Titanium version.

It is a pocket knife and so, we are not going to pretend there’s a lot to talk about. All you need to know is, it is rocking a classic silhouette that is as beautiful as it is functional. It does not touts to be a do-it-all. It is simply a gorgeous, heirloom-worthy pocket knife that you can collect or use it as you see fits.

Speaking of usage, it can be used in pretty much any situation, be it hunting, fishing, carving, or even slicing your favorite cheese or food when you are out in the wild. But really, what it can be use for is up to you.

For the next 44 days or so, you can pick up the WESN The Henry Pocket Knife as a pre-order on Kickstarter. Last check, the campaign has already reached its funding goal and so, your pledge for a product is a pre-order.

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Prices start at $75 with delivery expected to happen sometime in August 2020.

All images courtesy of WESN Goods.

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