Exolung Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Remember AirBuddy? The dive gear that pipes air from the surface to you as you explore the beautiful underwater world? Well, the Exolung you see here shares the same concept, except that it is totally power-free.

This means, unlike the AirBuddy which requires battery to pressurized surface air, Exolung will deliver “unlimited” air to you as long as you keep kicking. I know. Doing frog/breast stroke leg kicks with flippers does sound a little odd, but that’s what this contraption need to get air delivered to the mouthpiece.

Exolung Underwater Breathing Apparatus

With everything nicely strapped on you, every kick you make draws air from the surface to the air bell on your chest. As your legs retract, water pressure pushes the diaphragm, compressing the air which you will inhale. I imagine it is not as easy to use as it sounds. It will require some form of breathing discipline.

With no electrically powered components, theoretically, you can explore the underwater world indefinitely. Another obvious perk is, there’s no heavy equipment weighing down as you roam around.

Exolung Underwater Breathing Apparatus

But it is not without its caveat, obviously. It is tethered and this means, how deep you can venture into the deep blue is limited by the air supply hose which, in its standard form, is just 5 meters (16 feet).

There’s no indication on when this novel underwater breathing apparatus will become available. On the company’s website, it is indicated that Exolung is “currently a private initiative in its final prototyping phase,” and they are looking for “an industry partner” to make and market the product.

When it eventually becomes available, Exolung will cost “under 300 euro” (or about US$330). There’s plan for a pro version which has a 7-meter (23 feet) long hose that will sell for “under 500 euro” (around US$550).

Images: Exolung.

Source: YouTube (CNET).