shoveling tasks can be a real backbreaker – literally, but surprisingly, over the years nothing much have been done to improve this age-old tool, until now. The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools is the one shovel that is set to change that backbreaking habit and lets you shovel more efficiently with less pain to your back and wrist. setting the The Ergonomic Shovel apart from the traditional competitions is the implementation of double handle system; you have the usual handle at the top (or was it the back?) of the tool and in the middle of the shaft, there is an innovation 360-degree rotating handle that is adjustable to the angle most suitable for a particular digging task. with the inclusion of a second handle, it affords your wrist and forearms to work in the most natural position thus eliminating the risk of wrist injuries and that’s not to mention that, with the Ergonomic Shovel, you will not need to bend lower which means minimizing the risk of bodily strain when shoveling.

The Ergonomic Shovel by Bosse Tools is currently a prototype tool. everything needed to be done has been completed and all that’s left to make this ultimate shovel a reality is your help, which you can do so by backing this project on Kickstarter to help it raise some 60 grand. there are a few reward levels starting from as low as $65 for a choice of spade, flathead, or snow shovel. though it is a shame that this innovative shovel will only be shipped within stateside, but in any case, it is good to know that there’s actually people who are looking into alleviating an age-old problem. kudos to Stephen Walden, founder of Bosse Tools, for taking the steps to make life a whole lot easier. check out the pledge video in the embedded clip below to learn more.

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