if you are a serious petrol head, we bet you would gladly (and proudly) display a car’s engine (if not the entire vehicle) in your humble pad to feed your daily dose of appreciation for this wonderful invention of our time (we know we would). if you are really going to do so, then you might as well have one that dispenses a hot cuppa? the Espresso Veloce V12 Espresso Maker you see here will let you do just that. fashion after a V12 engine (there’s a V10 version too), this massive piece of intense joe maker is made from premium exotic materials usually found in motor racing cars, such as titanium, magnesium, and aluminum, and features oil filter-shaped coffee filters, exhaust outlets where the pipping hot brew is dispensed (well, only from one of them, actually), incredible details such as sleek rocker covers, open air intakes, cast engine block, and it appropriately comes complete with a set of coffee cups modeled after, you guessed it, engine pistons. the Espresso Veloce V12 Espresso Maker will make a nice addition to any motoring enthusiast’s motoring shrine, but with just 500 units that will make the round, plus the aforementioned premium materials, it is safe to say it will going to cost quite bit – though no official numbers were provided, or when it will be officially made available.

Espresso Veloce via Gizmodo

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