Smart mirror that displays information like weather, appointments et cetera, is not new. In fact, if you have a knack for technical stuff and coding, you can even cobble up one yourself. However, a smart mirror that recognize individual users by the virtue of facial recognition and displays the relevant and appropriate information based each individual synced smart device is a whole new level of cool. Like super cool. The aforementioned is exactly what MirroCool is about. Billed as the only smart mirror with built-in facial gestures recognition, MirroCool serves as a personal assistant which works based on your smart device that synced to it.

It is equipped with a HD camera with algorithm capable of recognizing different people instantly, regardless of how many individuals you have in your household. MirroCool is designed to be installed in the bathroom; a place where, unless you are one dirty individual who never uses the bathroom before you head out, everyone has to visit to start the day. Of course, you could choose to install anywhere you desire. You can install along the hallway if that’s the place where you spend time checking yourself before you leave home. Once you step in front of this smart mirror, it recognizes you, greets you and starts displaying your appointment, the weather and what not so you can be super prepared for the day and not miss a single event.

However, the greatest promised feature is perhaps the facial gestures recognition which the company claims that it can recognize up to 70 unique facial “positions” and use them to complete a task or trigger other functions. In case you still haven’t get the gist; MirroCool is completely touch and voice-free. Because MirroCool knows your hands will be busy while in front of the mirror, you can actually use facial gestures, such as a wink to serve as a ‘click’ when you need to click and when you are looking your best, it can even take a selfie of you (or your gang) too. All you have to do is smile and voila! picture taken and get it pushed to Facebook though your mobile. But through whose mobile if it was a wefie? That, to be honest, we have no idea.

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The mirror can be configured based on your desire with a widget manager, presumably on your mobile. You can also set alerts, or setup news to retrieve based on what you prefer. Now, the thing is, the exact inner workings are not clear yet, but I am not going to lie, the proposition is rather intriguing and we are curious to see how it is going to be delivered. Speaking of which, clearly, there are a lot to fulfil and being a person who knows a thing or two about tech and coding, I also understand that this piece of tech will require quite an amount of expertise to realize. No doubt a challenge to deliver as promised. However, the team over at San Francisco-based MirroCool Inc. is undaunted.

The company said MirroCool was developed by a team that has experience in mirror production, visual monitoring systems, and access control. It is even prepared to hit up Kickstarter on July 11, so that early adopters can have exclusive access to this new found power and convenience. How much will it cost is yet to be disclosed. If you are keen, you can hit up the product’s website and sign up to be notify of the availability (on Kickstarter).

Images: MirroCool.

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