not everyone has the luxury of living in landed houses and if you happen to be an apartment dweller and drives, you are probably facing a storage crunch, which the USU Overhead Parking Storage Unit can offer some relieve – that’s if your local parking garage management allows you to do so. if they do, then you are in for a storage treat. the USU, which stands for Urban Storage Unit, is an exceedingly simple solution that makes you go “why i didn’t of that?” it is basically a raised aluminum cabinet designed to place over a parking lot, allowing you to store up to 1,000 lbs of whatever. we thought this is a perfect solution to self-store, where you pay a monthly fees for a storage unit with a space that’s probably overkill and that’s not to mention the traveling you have to make just to access those stored stuff.

main features of this cabinet-for-the-garage includes a rustproof and weather-sealed construction, adjustable legs and feet for uneven or sloping surfaces, adjustable height (44″-55″) to fit over the hood of any car (and most trucks), hydraulic door pistons for simple one-handed opening, and a two-point keyed metal lock to keep your stuff locked away from criminal minds. comes in 91-inch (7.5 feet) and 98-inch (8 feet) width to fit most parking lots in the United States, the USU Overhead Parking Storage Unit is available for $1,999. self-assembly is required, though. if you are unsure, you can always engage USU’s White Glove Assembly for an additional $199. standard box height and depth are 2.5 feet and 3 feet, respectively.

we would say the USU Overhead Parking Storage Unit seems like the perfect off-apartment storage solution if you prefers head-in parking over reverse parking, but it should work for reverse parked trucks without box, as well as non-hatch vehicles too. have a few more look after the break.

USU via HiConsumption

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