Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas

Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas
(photos: Maarten Van Houten) Smoke Furniture Collection | US$tba |

go on and sneer at those typical furniture, cos’ indeed there are more unique furniture in the market that your money can buy and the Smoke Furniture Collection by Maarten Baas is surely going to blow your mind. ‘smoke’ is not uncommon in food but for furniture? it is virtually unheard of. designer Maarten Baas literally put his collection under the fire and finished off with epoxy resin. the randomness of the natural burnt pattern is a characteristic of burnt product, which ensures no two pieces are exactly the same. the collection includes a chair, a dinning chair, a dinning arm chair, as well as a chandelier. each chair features fire retardant foam in leather upholstery and comes with a repair kit beneath the chair for “in case of emergencies.” though it is designed by Maarten Baas back in 2002, they are still available through Moooi boutiques across the world, including New York. check out the latest video of Maarten Baas’ firing up the smoke chair and more images of this beautiful collection after the break.

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