Grinista Countertop Coffee Grinder

We all know a barista is a server at a coffee shop or cafe. But what about a person whose job is to grind coffee beans? Well, that would have been Grinista, except that Grinista is not a person; it is an upcoming countertop coffee grinder.

Grinista Countertop Coffee Grinder

While beautifully minimalistic, the Grinista Countertop Coffee Grinder’s functions and features are anything but minimal. It features a built-in digital scale, 60 mm grinding flat burr, 60 seconds timed grinding, 30 gears grinding (adjustable), adjustable RPM, and a convenient magnetic assembly.

The grinder touts precision grinding that ensures no beans are left unground and it does so with zero deviation, thus creating the perfect flavor profile. The grinder further boasts intelligent program settings, and timed and measured dispensing, which makes the coffee ground-making process effortless without sacrificing the ability to customize the ground.

Grinista Countertop Coffee Grinder

Speaking of customizing your preferred coffee experience, this machine offers 30 grinding options, ranging from French Press to Pour Over to Turkish Coffee. This high-tech coffee grinder further touts a powder agitation function that uses a DC vibrating motor to agitate and cause the ground in the chamber to loosen and fall. The idea is to reduce coffee powder wastage.

And then there is the adjustable rotation speed from 0 to 3,000 RPM for different coffee beans to ensure optimal grinding results.

For the style-conscious coffee connoisseurs, the compact and sleek body design will elevate your coffee experience. Even better, the Grinista would be the most affordable coffee grinder with a special launch day price starting at just U$129 (U.P. US$215). If you are down, you may sign up to be notified of the launch at

Images: Grinista.