Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph

Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph
(photos: Timex) Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph | US$210.00 | www.timex.com

each time your reset your chronograph watch, you tend to lose a some seconds. the Fly-Back in chronographs is the the solution to track how long the second hand has stopped and compensate for the lost time by getting back into the correct position. think of it as skipping out of a queue and joining back (the queue) where you left off even though the queue has moved. the word (or words?) “Fly-Back” surface quite often in luxury timepiece and is almost unheard of in a everyday watch but today, you can have the similar function in a slightly over $200 chronograph and the watch in question is the Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph, as the name implies, features a fly-back chronograph movement. other features include second time zone, INDIGLO night-light, date function, stainless steel case, and water resistance up to 100 meter. the fly-back functionality is definitely an attractive proposition to any who utilizes chronograph often, plus it has the look to match too. the Timex SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph retails for around $210 a pop.

Timex via PopSci

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