For people who does home improvement, decluttering the garage is almost an impossible task. That said, if you find yourself piling the garage with variety of power tools like sander, reciprocating saw, power drill, angle grinder and whatnot, then perhaps KwikPro by UK-based Power Tool Systems Limited may be what you need in your home improvement life.

Billed as the world’s most versatile power tools (note the plural for tool), KwikPro is a cordless power tool system featuring an exclusive SlideDrive technology that allows a power tool head on a single cordless motor handle to be swapped out for other tool heads. There is even a version that offers remote control, so you’d be able to work in hard to access places.

KwikPro Modular Power Tool System

The idea behind KwikPro is simple: bringing a loads of power tools, each having its own case, is very cumbersome and waste of time. With KwikPro, it is just one case and it pretty much have all of your power tools need covered. Translate that to home use, it means you can get ditch those warehouse racks which use to stash cases after cases of power tools for each job. If you use power tools a lot, the problems with tool many power tools is one that is very relatable.

Each KwikPro features 18V brushless motor, forward/reverse switch, variable speed control, removable 18V lithium battery, and an innovative two-way fitting to suit how you need to work (pistol-grip or baton style). KwikPro Modular Power Tool System is now on Kickstarter where you can pre-order a set for £169-559 (about US$217-718).

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Prices are dependant on how soon you back the campaign and what set you opt for. It has quite a few combo, so do hit up Power Tool Systems Ltd’s Kickstarter page to learn about the perks. Before you go, you have to know that the fate of the product is dependent on the response to the campaign. Meaning, it will only materialize if it meets or surpasses the set funding goal.

Images: Power Tool Systems Limited.

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