Having pet cats have its perks, but those perks are not without sacrifices. Sacrifices like having to clean the cats’ “toilet” and putting up with the nauseating smell. But the good news is, those would be a thing of the past if you are willing shell out money for this high-tech cat litter called iKuddle. No. iKuddle is not something for you or your little tiger to cuddle with.

iKuddle Auto-Pack Cat Litter Box

It is a very high-tech kitty litter that feels almost like a factory. Why? Because, it automatically packs the cat’s waste into a small bag, hygienically sealed, and ready to be discarded at your convenience. The mechanism is designed to remove clumps only and thus, leaving unused litter behind which should save you some money. That’s not it.

iKuddle also addresses the odor issue with a built-in carbon-based deodorizing system that filter out unpleasant smell. iKuddle has sensors built into it that do two main things. First, the sensors can track the toilet habit of your feline friend and pushes this information to the companion app, and second, it enables system to know when it is time to clean up. So, yeah, it is app-enabled and as such you can remotely monitor the iKuddle.

With iKuddle it can be used by different cats in the household, so you never have to deploy more litter boxes. Well, that’s assuming Tom has no issue with Kitty sharing the same stall… iKuddle can be plugged into a wall outlet, or powered by the removable lithium battery pack that’s good for 15 days of use in between charges, so you’d have the freedom of placement.

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iKuddle first made its appearance at CES 2019 earlier this and it is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The campaign just went live on Tuesday, but already, it is over 1,600 percent funded, rolling in nearly $500K in funding with 1,700+ backers behind it. That said, a pledge for a product is a preorder which will be fulfilled sometime in July 2019. Price ranges from $269-329, depending on how soon you act on it. Here, have a look at the product pitch video.

All images courtesy of iKuddle.

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