One of the biggest electronics maker in North America, Haier, is selling a new type of robot vacuum under its ‘online company’ Haier TAB. Haier TAB is also a branding and R&D company, and therefore, it is no surprise when they introduced its latest robot vacuum, it is anything but run-of-the-mill.

Haier TAB Tabot Robot Mop and Vacuum

Meet Haier TAB Tabot Robot Mop and Vacuum. Yeah, yeah. It is a robot vacuum, so what, you ask? Well, it has two standout features: there’s an anti-winding blade roller brush that automatically cuts hair that would otherwise tangle on the roller brush. For a person who have to deal with hair on the floor on daily basis, I welcome that. It will definitely make maintenance of the machine a less painful process.

What’s even more interesting is, the robot vacuum actually opens up to reveal a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner, allowing you to access areas which the robot vacuum can’t. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Haier TAB Tabot Robot Mop and Vacuum

On the navigation aspect, it uses Laser Direct Structuring (similar to those use in UAV) and Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for accurate positioning relative to the layout of the house.

Other features include sanitary mopping, electronic control dripping, 3,200 Pa ultra-strong suction, support voice command using Alexa and Google Assistant, smart control using app, spot cleaning capability, ability to set no-go zone, and a rechargeable battery good for up to 255 square meters (2,745 square feet) on a single charge.

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Haier is having a pre-sale of the Haier TAB Tabot Robot Mop and Vacuum on Indiegogo where you can secure a unit for as low as $439.

All images courtesy of Haier TAB.

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