Take a minute to sit back and think about what is currently holding you back from doing more traveling. For most, there is one answer which stands above all: money. When you factor in the cost of flights, accommodation, food, and everything else associated with traveling, it’s a pricey itinerary.

Even if you plan to do it on the cheap by staying at hostels and cooking your own meals, you’ll still require a wedge of cash to get your trip up and running — this is not ideal if your starting point is no money.

However, it shouldn’t be a permanent roadblock to your dreams. Even if your current bank balance is in the single digits, this is no reason to give up. As this guide will show, you can still travel the world when you have no money.

Travel the World When You Have No Money
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Kick Start Your Finances With A Loan
While you have to be sensible when doing this, acquiring a loan is a quick way of receiving the necessary funds for your global adventure.

If you have a bad credit score, you might feel this point is out of reach. Well, think again. If you own a vehicle, for instance, there’s the option of taking out a loan against car assets. You use your car as collateral, and you receive the loan you desire – no credit score involved.

A Credit Card Backup
Along with a loan, a credit card is a handy backup tool. You never know when you might be hit with a costly, unexpected bill when traveling, such as those caused by a missed flight or hospital visit. With a credit card, you will have the reassurance that these types of expenses can be covered.

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Just remember: once the trip is over, it’s important you have a plan in place to pay off these financing options. You want to avoid going into persistent debt and harming your credit score.

Work As You Go
Depending on where you visit, there will be opportunities to work as you travel. An au pair is the traditional option, but you could find everything from bartending to working on a farm.

Alternatively, you could take on work as a freelancer and complete tasks from your laptop. Even if it’s just two or three writing or design projects a week, this could go a long way to financing your travels.

Complimentary Accommodation
Hostels are inexpensive, but even they cannot match the value of certain accommodations. With platforms such as Couchsurfing and Servas, you can stay with generous locals free of charge. This is particularly useful if visiting a popular city where you’re guaranteed to find multiple hosts.

Miles And Points = Free Flights
The point about a credit card has already been mentioned. However, when signing up for one, you should try and land a travel credit card.

With this type of card at your disposal, you will be able to rack up miles and points. This can be done through sign-up bonuses and making general purchases. Before you know it, you will have enough points and miles to enjoy free flights.

Featured photo by Porapak Apichodilok from Pexels.

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