Regal Robot Star Wars Space Slug Desk Tidy

Here’s a super dope desk tidy to join the Bandai AT-AT Desk Tidy and AT-AT Tape Dispenser for the ultimate Star Wars-theme desk setup. What you see here is the Star Wars Space Slug Desk Organizer from Regal Robot.

The space monstrosity that tried to chomp down Han Solo and gang in their Millennium Falcon is now a desk tidy. Like, who would have thought that the exogorth (that’s name of the giant space slug, btw) could make for a super cool writing instrument holder?

Regal Robot Star Wars Space Slug Desk Tidy

I, for one, never imagine that. But here it is, the Regal Robot Star Wars Space Slug Desk Tidy – complete with the asteroid, or at least part of it, that it dwells on. The asteroid’s crater serves as a place for small items while the slug itself is good for longish stationery like pencils, pens, short rulers et cetera.

But an exogorth breaking out of its asteroid cave is without context unless the galaxy’s most famous freighter is in the picture. Thankfully, Regal Robot have that covered with a Millennium Falcon pencil topper and it even throws in a black pencil to complete the setup.

The black pencil is nice bonus, but I would use a transparent rod instead. At least it won’t look like exogorth is using a toothpick after its lunch.

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Regal Robot Star Wars Space Slug Desk Tidy is solid resin sculpture made and hand-painted in the good’ol U.S. of A. And it can be had in exchange for 99 bucks of your hard-earned money. But… only if you live in the U.S. because, Regal Robot ain’t shipping this anywhere else. Ugh. What a bummer.

Images: Regal Robot.

Source: Technabob.