There are a lot of ways to be eco-conscious. In addition to turning away from single-use plastics, straws included, you can use eco-friendly appliance like what Indore, India-based industrial designer Saksham Mahajan proposed.

Bamboo, as we all have learned, is more sustainable materials over many. Details of this Bamboo Iron Box are lacking, but this is, after all, a concept which may or may not be practical. So lets just cut it some slacks.

Bamboo Iron Concept by Saksham Mahajan

I assuming there’s some kind of metal elements for heating and if so, having bamboo, while eco-friendly, may be disaster waiting to happen. I mean bamboo is flammable to some extend, is it not and so…

Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea, but if you truly wants to be eco-conscious, perhaps a bamboo iron is the way to go – if it is even real, or be like me, don’t iron at all and you have one less product to own. How’s my pitch sounding? Good?

Images: Behance (Saksham Mahajan).

Source: Yanko Design.

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