Does the lack of windows in your room makes you nervous and uneasy? Well, fret not because, Adam Frank Incorporated Reveal Lighting System is here to the rescue. The Adam Frank Reveal Lighting System will not magically create openings in your room. It will, however, projects a shadow of a window.

It does so by casting a window, along with trees beyond in its frame. It’s static, btw. It will nice if it moves for realism’s sake. Better yet, Adam Frank should throw in some bird chirping or cricket’s stridulating or something.

Adam Frank Reveal Lighting System

Anyways, yeah, Reveal Lighting System is more of a light projector which, TBH, it feels more like an art than an actual comforter. If you know what I mean.

Each Adam Frank Reveal Lighting System includes a set of slides for creating different window frame (or window models, if you will) and tree scenes which you can mix-and-match to get your desire setup.

Adam Frank Reveal Lighting System

Each unit comes with five window styles and five tree scenes which offers up to a whopping 25 combinations. That’s almost one for each day of the month. Almost.

Now for the good news… Adam Frank Reveal Lighting System is actually available for purchase, but be prepared to splurge if you want one. We heard the halogen variant sells for $280 while the LED variety goes for $320.

Images: Adam Frank Incorporated.

Source: Technabob.

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