Design The Kitchen Properly And Enjoy The Cooking Even More

The kitchen can be a magical place. It is a space in your home where you get to create the most spectacular dishes and desserts, or even the simplest of meals. It is somewhere for families to gather for breakfast, somewhere for friends to gather for tea and coffee, and is just an all-around hub for entertainment. It should be a space you enjoy being in and aren’t ashamed of. Having a well-designed kitchen helps create a space that people will naturally want to gravitate toward.

The aesthetic, layout, as well as devices, and features all, play a role in the desirability of the space. Not sure where to begin, or what to include? Here are a few things you should consider adding to your space to make the experience of being in your kitchen that much more enjoyable.

Design The Kitchen Properly And Enjoy The Cooking Even More
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1. Consider the Countertops

Countertops are one of the most important features in a kitchen. Something like granite or quartz countertops for your kitchen can give it that much-needed feeling of luxury. Your countertop choice matters. You want to be able to have something that serves the purpose of both beauty and function. Consider having an island in the space. A kitchen island creates an additional counter space that has a multitude of uses. You can use it as a seating area for guests and others to sit while you fiddle away in the kitchen, or you can use it as a large additional surface to work on. It makes involving others in the preparation of a meal a lot easier, and it keeps them out of your direct space.

They sit on one side on you on the other, where you have the freedom to move around without them getting in your way. Be sure to plan enough space for how you intend to use your countertops. Also, consider adding countertops of varying heights to make completing certain tasks easier. Don’t forget to think about appliances and make space for things like a sink and dishwasher.

2. Landing Spaces

Having a landing space around your appliances makes it a lot easier to move things around in your kitchen. It provides the perfect spot to put down something that is piping hot and fresh out of the oven. You could also use it as an additional space to help you prep ingredients.

On this homepage, you can find some great prep space kitchen island carts that can create the perfect mobile landing space. These carts are handy for those who need to use limited countertop space with maximum effectiveness.

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A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 15 inches of countertop space on each side of a stovetop and your refrigerator. It is important near other smaller appliances, but you can use less space for these. Always remember to pack away appliances that are not getting regular use.

3. Install a Pot-filler

A great feature that every single kitchen reno should have is a swing-out tap above or right next to the stovetop. This is one of the simplest, and most practical luxuries every kitchen needs. Gone are the days of carrying jugs of water or a filled pot from the sink. Fill your pot while it’s on the stove and you’re ready to go. You could even install an instant boiling hot top to speed up the process of boiling a pot of water.

4. Find the Right Height for Appliances

Finding the correct high for appliances can be tricky. The microwave is the biggest culprit. Most people place their microwave on the countertop, but this is just such a waste of space. Another space is on top of their fridge, but this is actually bad for both appliances and can shorten their life span. Measure your height and place the microwave in a direct line of sight, so that the top of the microwave is at the top of your head. This way you see all of the buttons and what’s going on inside.

5. Organizing Items

An organized kitchen is one of the most beautiful things. Having aesthetically pleasing canisters to hold your ingredients rather than ugly, bulky packaging from the store makes all the difference. It makes the space look less cluttered and well thought out. Figure out how much you are going to store in the open and what you are going to store in the pantry. Remember to keep all of your kitchen spaces, including the pantry, clean and tidy.

6. Practical Electrical Outlets

Something most kitchens lack is practical electrical outlets. There either simply isn’t enough, causing you to use ugly extension adapters, or they are just plain ugly themselves. Plan your space well. When it comes to electrical appliances if you know what is going where ahead of time, you should install an electrical outlet for that appliance so that all chords and plugs are hidden behind the intended appliance. Remember to have an outlet or two for appliances that you use less often, like a mixer, or slow cooker. 

Design The Kitchen Properly And Enjoy The Cooking Even More
Photo by Sidekix Media from Unsplash.

Designing the perfect kitchen is easy. By taking these points into consideration you’ll create the perfect space that you’ll absolutely adore cooking in.

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