Omorobot, the creator of the auto-follow robotic mule (basically, wagon) has an electric wagon too. An electric wagon is basically a power-assist wagon much like a pedal-assist bicycle. Soon, Omorobot DonkiBot-W will be joined by competition from a startup, Outisan.

Outisan World’s First Electric Utility Wagon e-Wagon

Outisan claimed that it has developed the “world’s first electric utility wagon,” e-Wagon. Clearly, it is not quite the “world’s first” but it is definitely the prettiest. For one, Omorobot has one already and there are a bunch more being sold on Amazon. Granted most of those are three-wheeled.

Anyhoo, Outisan e-Wagon promised 10x less pulling efforts up and down slopes, 180 pounds loading capacity on all terrains, automatic motion-adapt technology, an IP66 rating, and easy maintenance.

Outisan did not merely slap on some electric motors on a wagon and call it a day. The e-Wagon is more than that. Its “intelligent adaptive power control” is one of its main selling points.

Outisan World’s First Electric Utility Wagon e-Wagon

Combining brushless in-wheel motors with a max output of 900 W with a gyroscope, motion sensors, and advanced algorithms, e-Wagon will dynamically adjust the power output to provide a seamless assisted motion experience that adapts to the different moving patterns, terrains, and weather conditions said Outisan.

Outisan e-Wagon is good on tarmacs, and grassy patches as well as on hiking trails, and even beaches. It also touts a Hill Descent Control (HDC) system that lets you go downhill in a controlled manner.

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In addition, the handle is outfitted with a sensor that, in the event that your hand is off the handle it will automatically pull to a stop and oh, there is a reverse mode too, allowing you to back up the wagon if needed.

Outisan World’s First Electric Utility Wagon e-Wagon

If we read the product page correctly, power assist is not on by default. This means it can also run without power assist. We could be wrong.

Rounding up the feature list is a detachable battery for off-the-wagon charging, metal frame, removable and washable interior fabric, large high-density rubber wheels, foldable tailgate, and like any regular wagon, it is totally foldable, allowing it to be collapsed for easy storage.

Outisan World’s First Electric Utility Wagon e-Wagon

If you are keen, you can be signed up to be notified when the product is available through Kickstarter.

Outisan World’s First Electric Utility Wagon e-Wagon

Images: Outisan.

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